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2016 Patterson

St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas.
Complete previous installation and restoration of 15 rank Casavant organ.
Install 115-year-old facade. Add Nazard, Tierce, Viole Celeste, and two rank Zimbel Mixture pipes. Install Opus II control system and build new stop rail with Casavant style stop tabs.

2012 Patterson

Christ Our Savior Lutheran church, Lago Vista, TX. Remove 7 rank Wicks organ in Mpls. Modify Wicks organ to fit in new location. Add 2 rank Mixture and 16' extension to 8' Trompette. Build a case to house the organ and install into Christ Our Savior's church. YouTube removal, YouTube install.

2011 Patterson St. Paul's U.C.C. Built 58 new pipes to change the pitch of 1' Mixture on Great to 1-1/3' Mixture.
2008 Patterson Holy Trinity Church, Thousand Oaks, CA. Remove 11 ranks of pipework for ceiling painting project. Clean pipework, chests, and organ assemblies. Re-surface shallots of 16' Holz-Regal. Perform tonal regulation on pipes and digital voices.
2008 Patterson Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Minneapolis, MN Remove 18 rank pipe organ to our shop, clean and repair pipework, repair mechanical systems, re-install organ and tonally finish. Work was performed during restoration of ceiling.
2008 Patterson Build and install III-IV rank Swell Mixture for St. Helena Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN
2008 Patterson/
Tighten all toeboard screws on Grand-Orgue/Recit/ un-enclosed-Positive divisions at Ste Trinite, Paris.
2008 Patterson Restore bearings and re-balance Laukhuff blower at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Robbinsdale, MN
2008 Patterson Revoice Swell Oboe and Great 2-2/3' ranks at St. Helena Catholic Church, Minneapolis, MN
2007 Patterson Clean Trompette and resurface shallots.
Install new pedal expression controls at Christ the King, Delafield, Wisconsin
2007 Patterson Clean Trompette and resurface shallots at St. Albans Episcopal, Edina, MN
2007 Patterson Restored solid state control system at Church of the Sacred Heart, Robbinsdale, MN. System was damaged by lightning storm.
2007 Patterson Restore chimes and action at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, St. Paul, MN.
2007 Patterson Restored computer control system St. Paul's UCC, St. Paul, MN. Computer system forgot program and there was no backup. Computer had to be surveyed and program written and installed. Releathered regulator in Choir division.
2007 Patterson Restored computer control system at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Mpls, MN. System was damaged by lightning storm. Install Digital Voice Augmentation to replace older damaged unit.
Perform restoration of the Casavant pipe organ at
Church of the Maternity of the Blessed virgin in St. Paul, MN.
Build pressurized covers for two case towers at
Church of the Maternity of the Blessed virgin in St. Paul, MN.
Assisted with installation and voicing of new organ at Augustana Lutheran Church in West St. Paul, Minnesota.
2005 Patterson Restore four regulators at St. Peter Lutheran Church Edina, Minnesota
2005 Patterson Two manual & 15 rank organ in Walnut case.
2005 Glandaz Saint-Etienne Cathedral, Meaux France, Curator
2005 Glandaz Notre Dame du Chant d'Oiseau, Bruxelles, Maintenance - Tuning
2005 Glandaz Hopital Charles Foix, Ivry s/Seine, Replace all leather nuts.
2005 Patterson Wanamaker organ Symposium, Philadelphia - USA
2004 Patterson Maternity of Mary, St. Paul, MN, restoration of wind conductors.
2004 Glandaz Sainte-Trinité, Great organ,  restoration of wind conductors on C side.
2004 Glandaz Sainte-Trinité, choir organ,  restoration of wind conductors.
2004 Glandaz Ste-Madeleine, Troyes France, Install new blower.
2004 Glandaz-
Ste-Trinité, choir organ, Paris France, Complete tuning of choir organ.
2004 Patterson-
Principia College, Alton Illinois, USA, Remove Kleuker tracker organ of 33 ranks.
2004 Glandaz Cathédrale, Troyes France, Modifications to console.
2004 Birouste-
Sante Teresinha, gallery organ, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL, Complete restoration,
2003 Glandaz Lazaristes Paris France, Repairs to Cavaillé-Coll Great windchest.
2003 Glandaz Ste Trinite, Paris, gallery organ, restoration of wind conductors on C# side.
2003 Glandaz Lazariste Church, Paris, restoration of bellows concussion.
2003 Glandaz Ivry - Hospital chapel - many repairs.
2003 Glandaz Cathedral of Troyes, Cliquot organ 4 manuals 60 stops - Assume position of Curator.
2002 Patterson-
Wanamaker organ Symposium, Philadelphia - USA
2002 Patterson Zion Lutheran Church, Alexzandria, MN (subcontracted under Becker Organs) Install CPU based control system for 15 ranks.
Build new chests for 15 ranks of pipework.
Revoice pipe work for new wind pressure.
2001 Patterson-
Wanamaker organ Symposium, Philadelphia - USA
2000 Patterson-
Congregational United Church of Christ, Neenah Wisconsin
1999 Glandaz Restoration of reservoir, Merklin organ, Hospital Ch.Foix, Ivry s/Seine, France.
1999 Glandaz Saint-Pierre de Montmartre Paris France, Restoration windchest, Cavaillé-Coll,
1999 Patterson Christ the King Lutheran, Delafield, Wis. USA,  install CPU based control system for 35 ranks.
1998 Glandaz Grand organ maintenance, Collégiale, Montmorency France.
1998 Glandaz Large maintenance work, Debierre organ, Saint-Lambert de Vaugirard, Paris France.
1997 Glandaz Relevage Grand orgue, Chapelle rue du Bac, Paris France.
1996 Glandaz Chapelle des Lazaristes, Paris, Small restoration of Cavaille-Coll organ
1996 Patterson-
Evangel College, Springfield, Missouri, Install Copper State Trumpet in Chapel organ
1994 Patterson Lord of Life Lutheran, Plant City, Florida, Build two manual and ten rank instrument
1992-3 Glandaz Ste Trinite Paris, Restoration of the Grand Organ
1992 Glandaz St Lambert, Paris, Restoration of grand regulators
1990 Glandaz St Jean de Dieu Restoration of Barker machines
1990 Glandaz St Louis en L'Isle, Paris, Small restoration of Choir Organ
1988 Glandaz Versaille, college Restoration of Merklin organ
1987 Glandaz College Stanislas Restoration and installation of Cavaille-Coll organ
1987 Glandaz Saint-Augustin, Paris, Restoration of the Cavaille-Coll organ
1985 Glandaz Issy les Moulineaux Grand Seminaire in Paris St Sulpice, restoration
1985 Glandaz Ste Rosalie, Paris, Restoration of the Grand Cavaille-Coll organ
1984 Glandaz College Henri IV, Paris, Pantheon, Restoration of the Mutin organ
1984 Glandaz St Amboise, Paris, Small restoration of Merklin organ
1984 Glandaz Temple evangelique, Paris, Restoration of Cavaille-Coll organ
1983 Glandaz St Germain des Pres, Paris, Restoration of the choir organ with electrification of Pedal action
1982 Glandaz Ste Trinite, Paris, Relocate Cavaille-Coll choir organ from Gallery to Nave
1982 Glandaz Ste Trinite, Paris, Restoration of Cavaille-Coll choir organ
1982 Glandaz St Paul d' Ivry, Ivry, Restoration of the Grand Cavaille-Coll organ
1981 Glandaz St Pierre de Neuilly Revision of the Cavaille-Coll organ
1981 Glandaz Cathedrale d'Eu, Eu (Normandie), France, Revisions to the Grand organ (1614)
1981 Glandaz St Marcel, Paris, Restoration of the Beuchet-Debierre organ
1981 Patterson The Cathedral Church of St Mark, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Festive Trumpet, on 760mm of wind pressure
1981 Glandaz St Jean Baptiste de la Salle, Paris, Small restoration of Grand-Orgue (Merklin)
1980 Glandaz St Sulpice, Paris, Restoration of Cavaille-Coll choir organ (1862)
1980 Glandaz Chapelle Medaille Miraculeuse (rue du Bac, Paris VI), restoration of Cavaille-Coll organ
1979 Patterson Saint Alban's Episcopal, Edina, Minnesota, Build two manual 14 rank instrument
1979 Patterson Olivet United Methodist, Robbinsdale, Minesota, Build four manual and thirty-five rank instrument
1978 Glandaz St Louis Invalides, Paris, Restoration of Beuchet-Debierre organ, addition of en chamade