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Completion of the Casavant Opus 3454
at St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas.

In 2014 the church of St. Alban's Episcopal purchased
a 1979 Casavant pipe organ from a church in Michigan. The
organ was moved to Texas and installation began. For reasons
that are not in the scope of this webpage, the installation was

St. Alban's contacted Associated Organbuilders and asked us
to come and look at their project with the hope of a successful
completion. Plans where submitted for three phases of work.
This would allow for finances to be raised while work began
toward the completion and enhancements to the pipe organ.

The three phases of the project:
1). Complete the installation in a workman like manner.
2). Restore and install a 115-year-old facade.
3). Add five ranks of pipes and a computer control system

Links to St. Alban's website

Arrival of the Casavant to St. Alban's.

Additional information and specifications.

The Casavant pipe organ before we began our restoration.

The Grand-Orgue chest overhangs the wall by about half a foot. This does not allow for a facade.

One of the obsticles to be overcome was moving the organ back a foot to allow for a facade.
The church building supports were in the way of moving the organ back This was resolved
by notching the Recit pipe chamber to clear the supports. This was done on both sides.

The organ's wiring and winding needed improvement to reduce wind noise and provide a safe environment.

The metal winding transmitted blower noise to the church. Cleanup was need to make the organ serviceable.

The Montre chest needs to be connected and pipes racked. The 16' Bourdon will be moved there instead.

The metal blower and other windlines were replaced with heavy ABS piping.

The lower section of the pipe facade is ready to be put in place.

The organ structure has been relocated back and the lower facade section anchored.

The facade columns are in place and anchored to the Recit division case.

This photo show the base molding of the facade that was made from wood left over during the restoration.

Closeup of the base molding made from scraps of left over wood..

One of many facade pipes that needed attention after a long life.

Restoration of the damage almost ready for painting.

Can you tell which pipes were damaged? Hint: #7 is in the pictures above.

The five ranks of added pipes were installed behind the Recit division
in their own mini-chambers.

The chambers open and permit tuning of their pipes and allow access to the Recit for service.

The mini-chambers are arranged C and C# sides. The back rank is the Nazard, then the 2' Doublette, the Tierce,
with the Union rank of the unified 1/4' Zimbel Mixture.

This picture shows the original 21 stop tabs.

The new stop rail with 36 stop tabs. The manuals also received thumb pistons.

The control system includes 255 tracks of built-in Record and Playback.

Gold toe pistons were added to allow addition functionality to the console.

The finished project is quite a change visually and tonally.


GRAND ORGUE (9 Tabs, 5 Stops, 7 Ranks)

  Montre 8′
Flûte à cheminée 8′
Prestant 4′
Doublette 2′ (from Récit)
Fourniture IV
Récit to Grand Orgue 16′
Récit to Grand Orgue 8′
Grand Orgue to Grand Orgue 4′

RÉCIT EXPRESSIF (13 Tabs, 10 Stops, 10 Ranks)

  Bourdon 8′
Viole de Gambe 8′
Voix Celeste 8′ (t.c.)
Flute Conique 4′
Nazard  2-2/3′
Doublette 2′
Tierce 1-3/5′
Larigot 1-1/3′ (derived)
Trompette 8′
Zimbel III
(Blank – for future addition)
Récit to Récit 4′

PEDALE (11Tabs, 6 Stops, 3 Ranks)

  Basse Acoustique 32′ (derived)
Soubasse 16′
Octave Basse 8′
Flûte à cheminée 8′ (GO)
Octave 4′ (GO)
Fagott 16′
(Blank – for future addition)
(Blank – for future addition)
Grand Orgue to Pedale 8′
Récit to Pedale 8′
Récit to Pedale 4′

(3 Tabs)

  Pedale MIDI Out Chan 2
G.O. MIDI Out Chan 1
Récit MIDI Out Chan 3


  • 36 Tabs, 21 Stops, 20 Ranks
  • Combination action control system includes ninety-nine levels of combination action memory
  • Thumb piston count: six Récit, six GO, ten Generals, Transpose UP, Transpose DN, General Cancel, memory level UP, memory level DN, Tutti (full organ), Sequencer UP, Sequencer DN, and SET.
  • Toe piston count: four Pedale combination action, Tutti, Sequencer UP, Grand Orgue to Pedale reversible, and Zimbelstern.