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Covering of the pipe organ case towers at the
Church of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin in
St. Paul, Minnesota.

The pressurized covers were installed to protect the organ
during a construction project during the summer of 2006.


In preparation for building the covers, the case dimensions were entered
into a Cad program in 3D form. This allowed us to plan the covers design
with the ability to virtually dimension the covers around the case before
actually cutting them out.

The project took 155 square yards of air-tight material.

Main tower cover is ready to have zippers sewn on. Some of the zippers were 18 feet long.

Covers are now inflated.

The covers were sealed in place and 1/2" of wind pressure applied.

The distribution manifold distributes pressurized air to the covers.

The blower box is sealed and the air inlet filtered.
The blower was specially fitted with a slow speed motor.