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Organ and Pipe Builders

Historic Restorations


Beginning of basic restoration of the pipe organ at the
Church of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The project begins with the restoration of the Pedal Division.

Preparing to remove the Pedal division pipes.

All Pedal pipes have been removed from Pedal division.

Checking the case for fatigue. The case was found to be leaning in two directions.

Angular corrections to Pedal tower case were applied
and shims installed to straighten the Pedal case.

A chain support was added to the Pedal division wind line to relieve undo stress.

The Pedal Posaune and Trompete motor housing are
cracking due to a gross humidity problem in August
when two feet of water leaked into the basement.

Three of the four motor frames laminations are separating.

Due to the warping of the assembled wood, it was decided
to re-saw the motor frames, correct the warping to remove
any stress,  and then re-assemble using a gasket.

Mike and Tim install Pedal toeboards after a thorough inspection and cleaning.

Toeboard fits perfectly.